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Keeping quality on it's best standards.

It has been three years now since the COVID-19 hit the globe. Most Canadians have noticed that our country wasn't ready to efficiently deal with this problem.

Collapse of the healthcare system during the first months of pandemic, very serious supply chain issues, shortage of manpower and many other problems hit our economy..

How many times during these last three years Canadians heard this excuse from the service suppliers or even from the municipal, provincial or federal authorities: - " ... we can't do it or don't have it because of the COVID"...

In IK Home Improvement INC. we do not want to judge or criticize anybody. We strongly believe that the most socially responsible way to deal with this situation is to continue performing our job perfectly regardless of any problems. During the last three years we found ways to supply materials to our project regardless of the shortages, to accomplish the projects on time regardless of supply delays, and keep an initially signed project price regardless of the materials' price spikes. We do not believe in excuses. We believe in performance.

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