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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain your policy on providing estimates for a new project? 

At IK Home Improvement, we  respect the time and needs of our clients, which is reflected in our estimation process. Our free estimate policy adjusted to various project requirements, offering options like phone consultations, blueprint or image/video analysis, or an initial on-site visit. This approach allows us to accurately assess the project's scope and provide a tailored preliminary estimate. However, for complex or large-scale projects such as full house remodeling or new constructions, a more detailed evaluation is necessary.

This might involve additional site visits by professionals like engineers, architects, or designers. While we arrange these expert assessments, they are subject to an additional fee. If such visits are required, we will discuss with you the necessity and costs of these visits.

In line with our commitment to mutual respect and professionalism, we expect the same regard for our time as we extend to yours.

Given the substantial effort and resources invested in preparing detailed written estimates, we request our potential clients to respond to our proposals within 30 days. Your response is crucial for us to maintain efficiency and quality in our services.

Should we not receive a response within this period, we will issue an invoice for the estimation services rendered.

This policy is in place to ensure a mutual respect for time and resources, enabling us to continue providing high-quality, efficient, and respectful service.

I am planning a house renovation. Do I need a city permit?

In the Ottawa area, as per the Building Code Act, a building permit is indeed required for the construction of a new building, an addition, or alteration of any building or structure.

It is crucial to understand that if work is performed without a permit, the municipality has the authority to order an immediate cessation of all work. Therefore, obtaining a building permit for your project is strongly recommended.

At IK Home Improvement, we are well-versed in the permit acquisition process and can assist you in obtaining the necessary permits for your renovation project. This is a complimentary service we offer to ensure that your project complies with all local regulations.

What does the process of acquiring a city building permit require?

Obtaining a building permit for a house renovation involves several steps. It starts with the preparation of detailed building plans and draft(s) that comply with local codes and ordinances. Depending on the complexity of the renovation, you may need to engage the services of a licensed architect or engineer. Once the plans and drafts are ready, you submit your application to the local building department, which includes the building plans and any other required documents. The building department reviews the plans to ensure they comply with local regulations. Depending on the project, additional services may be required, such as the services of a licensed civil or structural engineer if the renovation involves changes to the structure of the building. The cost of obtaining a building permit can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the proposed changes. Therefore, it's important to factor in these potential costs when planning your renovation project.

What is the estimated duration for a complete renovation of a two-story house?

The duration of a full-scale, two-story house renovation can fluctuate based on factors such as project scope, house size, complexity, desired finish level, and the efficiency of the renovation team. Here's a simplified timeline:

Architectural Design Phase: 1-3 months, depending on project complexity and architect workload.

Approvals and Permitting: Approximately 1 month.

Construction Phase: 3-7 months, varying based on factors such as house size, renovation scope, and material choices.

Additional Time: Allow for potential delays or complications.

In summary, a comprehensive renovation of a two-story house can span from 6 to 12 months. At IK Home Improvement, we provide a detailed work proposal outlining the projected timeline for your project.

How does the desired level of finishing affect the timeline of a home renovation project?

The level of finish in a renovation project refers to the quality of materials, the complexity of the work, and the time required by skilled craftsmen. High-end finishes, involving custom materials or intricate designs, can extend the project timeline due to the time needed for production, special ordering, and professional installation. For instance, custom cabinets can take up to 10 weeks to design and manufacture. Additionally, high-end finishes often require detailed work, increasing labor time and costs.

The purpose of the renovation also influences the level of finish. Rental properties typically require durable, functional, and cost-effective finishes, while personal living spaces may opt for more luxurious and personalized finishes. It's crucial to consider these factors when planning a renovation project, as they significantly impact both the timeline and cost. We recommend discussing these aspects before the project begins for a more accurate estimate.

How can I maximize my small kitchen space for a modern, spacious feel? What are the possible solutions?

At IK Home Improvement, we specialize in transforming traditional kitchen layouts into modern open-space designs. This process involves removing walls and implementing contemporary engineering solutions to create a seamless flow between the kitchen and adjacent living spaces. However, this transformation requires meticulous planning and consideration of several factors. It is critical to identify load-bearing walls, which, if removed, must be replaced with structural beams. We also check for hidden elements like wiring or pipes that may need rerouting. To ensure the project's safety and effectiveness, we collaborate with professionals, including architects, interior designers, and structural engineers. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality, open-space kitchen transformations that is in compliance with the building code and meets your needs and design preferences.

Which party (the client or the service provider) is responsible for purchasing materials during a renovation? 

The responsibility for purchasing building materials can be shared between us and the client, depending on the agreement. We typically handle the purchase of rough construction materials such as lumber, drywall, mortar, basic paint and so on, while the client purchases finishing materials. However, we can handle all material purchases if preferred by the client. If the client chooses to purchase materials independently, they must be prepared to handle potential issues such as damage, shortages, or delivery delays. The responsibilities for material procurement will be clearly outlined in the contract to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.

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